ANNOUNCEMENT – Now offering free SSL

The Homepage Technologies team is excited to announce that we now offer free SSL certificates to 95% of our hosting products.

Part of our mission is to help empower small business and we feel this is a great chance for small businesses, any business or person who owns a website, to take the opportunity to upgrade their site and have confidence that we are doing all we can to ensure their online safety.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) sets up a scrambled connection between your web server and your guest’s web program ensuring all information between the two stays private.

With an unsecured HTTP association, outsiders can snoop on any activity going between your peruser’s program and your web server. Clearly, this is a gigantic issue in case you’re passing touchy data like charge card numbers.

Be that as it may, these days, numerous substances, including Google, are pushing to utilize secure HTTPS associations for all movement, even things you may believe are unremarkable.

There are multiple benifits of using SSL on your site and below are what we believe the top 5 reasons;

  1. Look more professional. With the latest browsers now showing if a site is using SSL or not, this is an opportunity to show off to your customer base that you take online security very seriously.
  2. Increase visitor loyalty. As a rulee, iff you collect personal data on your site you should really have an SSL certificate in place. Visitors who know their information is protected with the latest technology are more likely to remain loyal, feel safe and keep coming back.
  3. Attract more shoppers. It has become second nature for the average internet user to check if a site is using SSL, espsically if looking to shop online. No SSL and they may not stick around to see what you have to offer.
  4. Increase sales. It is no secret that without SSL at checkout your sales will likely decrease.
  5. Protect your own information. SSL is not just their for your customers wellbeing, but it also protects your data online as well, so you can rest assured that the exclusive promotional code or voucher you’re sending to your customer database is protecting the information you both send and receive.

If you are looking to get SSL on your website then head on over to Quick Click Hosting to find out how you can get SSL on your website. Remember, even if you are not hosted with us, we offer free website transfers.

Many thanks,

The Homepage Technologies Team