We are extremely excited to announce that Quick Click Hosting have now become OVH partners on the Web and Infra programmes. Quick Click has been using OVH as their hardware provider for the last three years. Quick Click HostingWe strongly believe in the OVH network and the ease of set up that we can pass on to our customers.

With the awesome hardware that OVH provide, our continued 24/7 technical support and now becoming a partner we can improve further the service we deliver.


Marketing, Sales and Communications

  • Webmaster / site and contents management
  • SEO/SRM/web marketing
  • Advice on strategy/e-commerce solutions
  • SEO/SRM/web marketing

Networks and systems

  • Installation and integration of servers and infrastructures
  • Installation and integration of databases/DBA/Big Data/files
  • Facilities management and server and infrastructure maintenance
  • Consultancy and support services for servers and infrastructures


Software and development

  • Maintenance and outsourcing websites techniques
  • Customisation of open source software and solutions (CMS, ERP, etc.)
  • Tailored development of intranet and extranet web applications and portal solutions
  • Other tailored software development (projects, scripting, interfaces)
  • Web design/graphic design/ergonomics
  • Advice on choosing application solutions

You can find the Quick Click Hosting profile on the OVH Partners page.