ANNOUNCEMENT – Acquires Go Ghost VPN

Homepage Technologies, provider of web hosting services, announced their acquisition of Go Ghost VPN, a virtual private network company specialised in providing online freedom, privacy and protection.

With the acquisition of Go Ghost VPN, Homepage Technologies is moving further into the ISP business. Their goal with the purchase is to reach a wider audience through their offered services. Go Ghost VPN will now be one of the company’s brands, along with Quick Click and WP Creative.

Homepage Technologies is a forward thinking digital company that specialises in providing shared Linux web hosting, VPS hosting and reseller hosting. They cater to small businesses and large corporations in the UK, Europe, and North America. They provide innovative solutions to their clients’ web hosting needs.

Now aside from offering web hosting services, Homepage Technologies will also provide VPN services. Go Ghost VPN is known for offering secured and encrypted VPN connections all over the globe. The servers are located in different parts of the world and available at the lowest prices on the market today.

There are several reasons why Internet users should use a VPN, but the bad news is that most people don’t even know what it is or what they can get from using one. Homepage Technologies offers their VPN services at competitive prices as a way to introduce the service to the public. Individuals and businesses can get lots of benefits from VPN. For one it secures the internet connection to guarantee that the data received and sent is encrypted and not seen by any third party.

Companies often use a VPN to allow their workers to access resources found on the network while they are away from the office. This is important especially if the user connects to the office network through a public Wi-Fi, such as the one at the airport or café. Go Ghost VPN works with businesses to provide them with the right VPN plan that suits their budget. A VPN is also useful for people wants to keep their communications encrypted and secured. That way they can ensure that no one is snooping through their data, whether they are at home or overseas.

Go Ghost VPN provides the right balance of features, connectivity protocols, and price and server locations. Their services have been designed to cater to all the VPN needed of people from all across the globe. Their goal is to provide access to the Internet without other people monitoring one’s online activities. They provide peace of mind and ensure that their VPN tunnels are reliable and dependable all the time. This makes Go Ghost VPN a good member to the growing Homepage Technologies family.